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Discussion in 'Pork' started by carson627, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. carson627

    carson627 Smoke Blower

    What a week.  Lost my wallet and caught a cold.  The remedy?  Pig and pie.

    Today, we smoked ribs, ribeyes, a turkey breast and a chuckie.  Made lemonade pie for desert.  Yummy!  I didn't get pics of the steaks, but here's the pig and pie.





    This is Sam.  She's sad because she didn't get any ribs.


    Edited to add the turkey breast


    The chuck is resting now!
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  2. rdknb

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    That looks good, never heard of that pie before.
  3. lugnutz

    lugnutz Smoking Fanatic

    I like lemon pie  lemonade pie sounds interesting!
  4. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Guest

    That looks great. What did you use on the ribs?
  5. carson627

    carson627 Smoke Blower

    The rub is kosher salt. black pepper, garlic powder & paprika.

    The sauce is

    approx 1.5 cups apple juice

    1/2 cup hoisin sauce

    zest of 1/2 orange

    1/2 cup dark brown sugar

    1 teaspoon garlic powder

    1 teaspoon hot sauce

    1 tablespoon butter (unsalted)

    So far, so good.
  6. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    Now the ribs look awesome and then the pie lemonaide ha. Now thats sounds interesting and I really like lemonaide too. The recipe sounds pretty easy too. Maybe one day I'll try making a good desert but our daughter does it so well.
  7. bmudd14474

    bmudd14474 Guest

    gonna have to give it a whirl. By the looks of it I thought it would have a Asian flair to it.

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