Pig ears and cheeks

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  1. Howdie:) Looking to see if many other people have smoked pig ears or jowls,ive done the jowls different times/different ways but never the ears,would love to hear how others prepare and eat both.These have been in frdge marinating in a dry cure for 7 days......into the fridge tonite to dry out and into the smoker tomorrow:))Will post finished product pics:)
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    I have eaten pigs ears braised low an slow till very tender and smoked until crisp as part of a whole hog pig roast. I have no idea what it would take or the result of smoking. Will be watching to see your result...JJ
  3. Finished up bacon tonite,turned out decent ...little sweet but tasty.Likely not the best for anyone with high cholesteral.In smoker for [email protected] sure what im gonna do with the ears yet👀perhaps slice and fry?
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    NS1, Looks like a great smoke ![​IMG]
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    Braised in stock,drained & dried.Then slice, light batter ,flash fry ,dust with spiced salt.Drink with beer & football game on TV[​IMG]

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