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  1. fullsmoke

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    I bought a auber wsd-1500gph for my smoker build how do you program it I know it has a 3 step it will run but I don't under stand any of it the cd they sent with it was not helpful thanks
  2. crankybuzzard

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    Programming for the step process is a major pain for sure. I have to refer to the user manual when I do it, so therefore, it hasn't been programmed more than a few times for me.

    I'm not in front of the right computer right now, but there is a cheat sheet someone made. Google should help you find it. I'll try and get a link for you tomorrow.

    Now, even without programming, you will be very pleased with the Auber. It's accurate and doesn't run as hot as I figured it would.
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  3. cmayna

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    I use an Auber PID for my MES40 and love it.

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