PID with analog MES or new smoker

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  1. Before I knew any better I went out and bought an analog MES 30. I've used it mainly for ribs and butts. I also use an AMNPS for the smoke. While there is nothing wrong with the structure of the smoker, except for the thin walls it still contains no rust.

    My question is should I purchase a digital MES or get a PID and continue using my current smoker?
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  3. SB59, that's the same one I was thinking about buying. What else have you done to your smoker?
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    Hi Cody, 

    The first mod I did was to remove the chip & water rack & put a lower rack & drip pan in it's place. I do A lot of lower temp smokes, around 150 to 180 degrees for fish,sausage,& dried beef etc. and found the way the smoker was designed the exposed element would brown the food & cook to fast. Added homemade amaz for nice long smoke cycle. Quickie vents came next. Finally got the pid since the dial control on the element takes some attention to prevent temp. creep. Haven't used it yet, So I can't give you any kind of review. Probably won't get to test out til mid June. Fishing has been too good around here.
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    I would go with a PID. It is a good investment because you can use it for other things like controlling a pit fan for a charcoal smoker. Also, a PID will control the temps better than the cheap controllers in a digital smoker like an MES

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