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  1. Hey guys, 

      I just got into smoking with a smoker over the winter.  I have read several ways to maintain heat in the fire box however I live on a lake and have issues with wind here and there.  Once I think I have it down I cant get passed 175 in my smoking chamber.  I just ordered this PID from Auber Instruments.  Here are the details of the PID:

    1 x Temperature Controller for Off-set Style & Large Smoker 20 CFM

    (SYL-1615SYS-20CFM)  = $156.12

              Probe Option TC-K3MM-C for 900 °F

    Like I said before I thought I had this firebox thing nailed then every so often I run into issues.  I would really like to be more confident with my heat and this seems like the way to go.  Once I install and test it out I will report back how well it did.  Anyone else use a PID?

    I have installed mods alreeady and they are listed below in my signature.
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    Good day Ron,  I use a pid for my electric smoker and love its ease but have not got a fan for the charcoal yet.  It looks like a good pid set up for your smoker and please let us know how it works for you.  I think you will love it after the learning curve.

    BTW You posted this in the Michigan group so only members of the group can answer you.  You might want to post this again in the General discussion area so you can get more of a response from the rest of the world.

  3. Thanks Stan, I will repost in the main area.  

    The fan did pretty well.  I had 3 flareups throughout the day however I think it was due to my ash pan letting air get in.  I will have to fine tune it a tad more.  This fan makes things MUCH more easier than trying to deal with windy conditions.  I plan to do another smoke this weekend and will try to make sure I have less air getting into my firebox.
  4. Well, I've had this PID for a month now and let me tell you its one of the BEST investments I've made!  Had another day of wind blowing off the lake and this PID (along with the mods I made to keep air out) worked like a charm!  I've used it every weekend and I can say I have the process nailed now!   I still have to watch how much lump coal I put into the firebox because I can still get a flare up if I put too much in it.  But this flare up gets up to around 250 instead of 300 - 325.   I decided to smoke Salmon and Beef ribs last weekend and I have a new favorite rib now!  These Beef ribs were UNBELIEVABLE! (Slow and Low for 8 hours @ 210 - 220)   

    I still have a 25 degree temp swing from my firebox side to stack however I take advantage of that and smoke Jerky on my stack side.  I would never have gotten this under control as fast as I did with out the help from this site!

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