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  1. I have had 30 inch mes for many years, it finally bit dust, bought new old style stainless 40 inch for Christmas, it bit dust after 3rd smoke, and Masterbuilt sent me new generation 40 inch, not happy but it is what I got.  I had to cut power cord and remove data plate from old style 40 so they would send me new one, I want to rebuild it, any suggestion on a pid and how to set it up
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    You might try an Auber.  But they cost as much as your smoker. Try using the search bar at the top for PID.
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    I have two Aubers which are shared amongst 3 electric smokers.  The most recent is an Auber 1500 running my MES40 Gen 1 smoker. If you have a similar smoker, you need to open the small panel off the back, disconnect the wires from the legs of the heating element.

    You then need to get a 6' or so 14ga extension cord, cut off the female end and crimp some steel  high heat resistant female spade terminals to the black and white wires.  Connect a ground eyelet to the green wire.   The green wire gets grounded somewhere to the chassis of the smoker and the black and white wires connect to the heating element.

    Oh and before you go too far you will need to drill a good size hole in the middle of the small cover plate you removed to allow the extension cord to pass through.

    Plug the male end of the new power cord into the back of the auber and follow their instructions.

    The above is just a quick glimpse of what typically needs to be done.  Each situation can and probably will be a little different.
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    cmayna, which Auber 1500 do you have?  There are four models WS-1500ES, WS-1500EPM, WS-1500EB, WSD-1500GPH. Been wanting to get one but backing off due to installation, but if it's that easy as you explained I will get one as soon as I found out which one different members have. Thanks
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    Actually... I think you would like the 1500GPH the best.. it has the dual probes.. one for smoker.. one for meat.. sure it's a little bit more money.. but well worth it...

    Myself.. I have the SYL-2352P.. it's not a plug and play unit (had to build the complete controller)... after buying all the parts needed it came out to be pretty close to the price of the 1500GPH... and it's only a single probe... ... I use it in a smokehouse and use the ramp feature (ramp temps up over a period of time) to do my sausage and snack sticks...
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    The 1500 I have is the 1500ELPM according to the sticker on the bottom of the unit.   Who knows what that mean?

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