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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by 5oakssmoker, May 13, 2014.

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    Ok, so I"m just getting started on my smokehouse build, but I want to integrate a PID controller, or at least the box for future installation, into my design.

    I don't want to have an ugly metal box hanging off the side of my smoker, so I want to make the room for it now, while I'm building. And for the wiring required for the sensor. Like I said before, I might even use the PID to run some fans/vents while under charcoal heat.

    I have seen a ton of threads on PID wiring, but seen very few actually installed on the smokers.

    Is it better to be below the heat chamber? (I will have about 20" legs below, to allow for my door design.) Or should I just plan on building a box onto the side of the smoker to house all of it?

    Could some of you members that have PID's installed in Wood Smokers share a few pics of how you have yours installed?
  2. 5oakssmoker

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    C'mon I know someone wants to brag a bit and share some pics... please...
  3. I don't have any pics because it isn't built yet. I'm going to account in my dimensions enough room for sort of a false wall to one side. I'll house my controller and Contactors and such in the upper portion, and planning on doing something like a mailbox for the AMNPS built into the cabinet for aesthetics. That way it just looks better, no other reasons.

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    Keith... (good name BTW) .. "hard to beat a pair of Keith's" ... For my smokehouse I just built a box that goes on the side of the smoker... I wired a receptacle into the back off it for the heating element and the thermocouple to plug into.. that way when not in use I just dismount the control box and take it inside to the dry... You could put it down below as you stated... but I'm on old fart and don't like bending down... LOL...

    when wiring a receptacle in like this you must break off the copper connector between the two screws on each side... then wire thermocouple to one outlet and the heat element to the other outlet... and then label each outlet for the specific function... I think I am going to change it to 2 different kind of receptacles so there in no cunfusion....

    I don't have a pic of the brackets I bought at Lowes that hold the box onto the smokehouse... but they are the kind that the head of the screw goes through and the slide it down to secure it... just lift box up and pull off to remove it... good luck with your build ...
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    I've been getting all the parts together for a PID controlled blower to handle the damper function on my OK Joe Longhorn.  The controller and all components are working fine on my shop bench as of today.  I need to fabricate the interface to the side of the firebox tomorrow, then I'll be ready to go live.  More in a few days as it develops.

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