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  1. redstripe101

    redstripe101 Newbie

    I've lurked this site for a long time, finally deciding to post and maybe help others or just share experiences. Long story short, is there a category to post just pictures of Q?

    Got a butt smoking now and tons of previous smokes saved on phone I would like to share.

    P.S. I browse on my phone so I don't have the desktop view.
  2. iggythump

    iggythump Smoke Blower Group Lead

    I believe there is a desktop view selector on the mobile site view if you scroll to the bottom of the page.  Anyways, most of the Qview pics get posted on the thread that people start and explain their process and all that goes with.  Hope this helps my friend, good luck!

    Don't forget to drop some info about yourself over in the Roll Call section if you haven't already.
  3. c farmer

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    You can post pics on the mobile verision using photobucket.

    Your doing a butt, put it in the pork section.

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