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Discussion in 'Pork' started by uzikaduzi, Oct 15, 2016.

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    I normally dont ask many questions before i try something... gennerally i read what i can find and only ask questions when something goes wrong... i have 2-3 days to wait for a picnic to thaw so i thought id throw my plan out there to see if there is any advice or criticism of it before i start

    I plan on using a modified verson of pop's brine and injecting at least 10% of the weight of the picnic focusing on getting it near the bone... I'm thinking of using this for thanksgiving so i should have time.

    Brine as follows:

    3/4 cup kosher salt
    3/4 cup brown sugar
    1 heaping tbsn of cure #1
    1 gallon water

    And making as much as i need to inject and submerge.

    Remove the skin besides on the hock Cure for 2-3 weeks. Rest uncovered in the fridge for a week. Cold smoke for 12 ours a smoke for up to 36 hours. Rest another week then either hotsmoke (likely) or oven cook till an IT of 145 on thanks giving day.

    I honestly bought it for sausage, but it was such a pain to cut out all the connective tissue and viens and it sucked so mich that after doing 2 of them, i will not be using it for that again and they seem pretty lean to be able to roast or smoke like a butt... i really only bought them because they were $.99 a pd. I have one more left if this doesnt turn out well to play with too.

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    The few picnics I have done I've used pop's brine and just hot smoked them. Finished with a sweet/hot peach or apricot glaze. Pretty tasty but as you mention even cooked lots of trimming has to be done.
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    I am pretty sure ive seen both of your post about your hams before they both look great.

    Dave, i see you took it to 165. I hate dry dry pork and these are pretty lean, you think ill be dry at that temp? Or is 145 enough.

    Dirtsailor, that glaze sounds awesome... i think i saw heb had peaches for 1/pd... you guys both seem to have hot smoked them... you think im over doing it on smoke?

    Ive never done the double smoked ham and i guess thats kind of my idea
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    The picnic came out moist...   The Amesphos keeps the liquid inside the leg...   Smoker temp of 190 ish does not boil the water out of the meat...  

    Bride demands all hams be cooked to 165...   I think lower temps don't provide the texture we are looking for...   personal preference.... 

    You can read about Amesphos below....   I use it in all meats I want to keep moist....  nepas directed me to it... 

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    Thanks dave... ill look into the Amesphos, ive seen your posts mentioning it before.
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