Pickled Fish Sausage

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  1. Today I made pickled fish sausage. I have a recipe for fish balls that should do as a sausage too, so it was just to try if it worked. And it did!


    This is my daughter's favorite recipe, but without the pickle.

    800gr salmon
    800gr cod
    2 onions
    5 eggs
    1.5 tablespoons potato flour
    1.5dl breadcrumbs
    some sugar
    salt and pepper
    Chop and fry the onion lightly in butter, mix eggs, bread crumbs, and potato flour and leave to swell for a while. Grind the fish fillets and stir together fish, onions and bread crumbs mixture. Salt and pepper, do not be afraid to add salt too much, the fish require a lot of salt.

    Either fry you this as meatballs in butter or you can fill the mixture into sausage casings. This time I cooked the sausage in 70 ° water for 15 minutes, and then fryed them lightly for getting a better color. Either way it will taste even better if you add the sausage or meatballs in a pickle.

    0.75dl white vinegar 6%
    0.5dl sugar
    3dl water
    1tsk crushed allspice
    Boil and let cool.
    alternate the meatballs and sliced ​​onions in a jar, pour over the pickle. Store in cool place. Let the meatballs/sausage mature a few days, enjoy on crisp bread.[​IMG]

    I have been thinking of cold-smoke the sausages before I put them in the pickle for more taste, I will probably try this the next time.
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    Awesome vargard..... Thanks for the recipe. I will definatley try these... I love fish and never made fish sausage....Looks like this ones a KEEPER...................[​IMG]

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    Salmon isn't my thing but they sure look good...JJ

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