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  1. About a month ago, I decided that I would like to purchase a pellet grill and upgrade the ability to smoke food with a fire fueled by wood. Currently, I have an MES 30 which really for me has done a very nice job, but after visiting this forum and listening to the feedback on results, I was hoping to not only raise the level of my skillset but also the quality. When I started to investigate the alternatives in the marketplace based upon price and performance, I found that there were quite a few products that would fit the criteria that I had established. And, after the first few days of looking, I picked a product that I thought would do the job. However, I said to my self: self don't you think that you should really dig deeper and listen to a diverse group of people who already have picked a pellet grill and find out about their experiences? So I did that and I narrowed my search to three outstanding manufacturers: Rec Tec, Blaz n Grill, and Yoder. After this was done, I proceeded to have some discussion with the manufacturers who were kind enough to answer my questions. Just a note, all of these manufacturers provided a sincere interest in my success and from what I have read provide excellent customer service. 

    So yesterday, I made a decision and ordered a Yoder YS480 with a second shelf, port for running external probes, and the direct grill option. From the beginning of my process of investigation, I originally had picked Yoder as the manufacturer. With further investigation, I then picked Rec Tec. Then I was swayed by Blaz n Grill and had them as number one. Then I came back to Rec Tec. And, lastly, on Wednesday evening I decided to go with Yoder. It is funny because my first instinct was to go with Yoder. 

    While doing this investigation, I saw things that Rec Tec and Blaz n Grill had that Yoder did not and that is the beauty of free enterprise and a competitive market. As I stated earlier, all three are outstanding. 

    So I came full circle right back where I started four weeks ago. Please do not misinterpret my comments. I do think that it is highly worthwhile to investigate a marketplace for alternatives if not to affirm that your conviction that the first choice is the correct choice for you. I could have easily gone with the Rec Tec anywhere along this process if I was so inclined to make that decision a week ago. And, I am convinced that choosing a Rec Tec or a Blaz n Grill or a Yoder or a GMG Daniel Boone is a decision that you will not regret.

    I am told that my grill will be here sometime next week as it is shipping today. With a little anticipation and also excitement, if a 70 year old guy can get excited anymore, I am eager to venture into a new level of smoking and grilling. 

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    I have followed your posts throughout this search, Ed, as a new pellet pit owner myself.  As you know, I chose Rec Tec for all the same reasons you are choosing Yoder.  As I've already said to you, I respect you taking the time to research and make the most informed decision for your own needs.  And I know you're gonna love your new pit.  By all accounts, those Yoders are made as well as anything out there.

    Be sure to let us know how it cooks, and Congratulations and Good Luck!

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    Please take some pictures and post them!

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