Picked up a used lang 84 deluxe with char griller

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by jfish63, May 7, 2012.

  1. jfish63

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    Just made the big jump from a chargriller pro to the lang 84 deluxe with chargriller. I tis around an 2004 model in great shape.

    I have cooked on it ounce and love it. My first question of probably many is how do you guys prefer to load it? I did my smoke with 

    meats on the top rack and sides on the bottom but not under the meat. I am thinking it would be better to reverse it and put meat on the bottom and the sides above.

    I tried a search and found a lot of responses but none that addressed this question.

    Thanks in advance
  2. bruno994

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    I don't have a Lang, but I do have a large reverse flow pit and I use the top rack for chicken (so they can cook at a higher temp) and for sides (dirty rice, potatoes, mac n chez, etc.), with the meat on the bottom rack.  My upper rack is about 30 - 40 degrees hotter than the lower rack.  So for low n slow meat, you would need to cook on the lower rack.  Just my .02.  Let's see some pics, sounds like you scored well and made a huge jump in your Q-pacity.  Congrats.
  3. Congrats on the new smoker. I just cooked on my new used Lang 60 Deluxe with chargriller an love it too. Wish I could post pics with my iPhone.
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    Thanks for the replies. Now that it's not raining I will try to post some pics. I find the hottest part on mine is the main grate near the fire box.

    Has anyone lowered the smoke stack on a lang?
  6. dutch

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    jfish-congrats on the Lang.  I find that the elevated rack in my Lang runs 30-40° hotter as well and since it's got legs and isn't a permenent rack I can slide it toward the from where it's a bit cooler if needs-be. And by the nature of the beast-your temps on the bottom grates will be hotter on the fire box end. I do my yard birds on that end when I'm not using the top rack (it's removable so it sits under my Lang when not in use.

    If you raise the tongue about a half bubble up from level (I use a cheap Harbor Freight 6 inch level) it will even out the temps between the tongue and the fire box end. The best that I've been able to do is a 15° difference which isn't too bad-your mileage my vary (YMMV).

    Enjoy your new used Lang!
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