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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by virgo53, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Searched the site for how to upload pix to to a thread, Found the software recommended and did convert pix from several meg down to 188K, file size is still to large to upload since the allowable size is 97K,, How do I get Pix down to an uploadable size for me to share with this team??

    Confused and (so far) beaten

  2. richoso1

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    Be sure and check the file extension format. They vary in size, you should see a reference table when you go to what I believe is called file managements/atachments. JPEG is usually the best format.
  3. converted to JPEG, average smallest size is around 150K, Still working it out, but not good enough yet.


    Thanks for the suggestion!!
  4. richoso1

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    I don't know which software you're using, so my disadvantage. I use Photo Shop Elements ver.2 and when saving as jpeg it then gives me Image Options/quality and I CHOOSE 3=LOW. This give me a smaller file size. Hope this helps, somebody will be along and have the right answer for your application.
  5. I use Image Shack ... you can upload full resolution pix and they give you a thumbnail to post in the forum. Takes a bit of time at first, but worth it.
  6. Suggestions noted, My prior search found a software recommended in a thread that was IRFAN VIEW, This was used and the smallest size is as stated, If I used this, can I also use another and crunch it down? or will they fight each other even though the Pix are all JPEG format.

    When I get this figured out, I'm tempted to write a book on imaging and resizeing.

    Still frustrated, Mike
  7. meowey

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    I think the attachment size limitations are too small. I wanted to upload a PDF file of the cooklog specifically modified for the Chargriller, and I couldn't make the file size smaller than 253K and the forum limit for PDF's is 19.7K.

    Sorry this does not help you. I too use imageshack to host the pics I post here.

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  8. pigcicles

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    I think I would advise using or then copy the img code and paste it into the thread which will give a pic in the thread but is hosted off site to keep the SMF bandwith usage down.

    You can use the image resizer from Microsoft PowerToys ( ) but it usually is a small picture that may not show the detail you want to show.

    Go to the Test Area and play around with a few of them until you have decided which one you like. Good Luck and keep us posted
  9. placebo

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    I'd like to second what PigCicles stated and ad a little if I may. By using imageshack or photobucket, both are free and work great, you don't need to resize the image as it will be hosted on either photobucket or imageshacks site.

    As for the img code there is a link under your photo that you uploaded to either of the two sites above. The link you need to copy/paste is the one that starts with [​IMG] simply copy that and paste it directly into your post making sure it is on a line by itself. When you submit the post your photo will show up full size within the post.

    Hope that helps. If anyone still isn't clear please ask questions. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR Q-VIEW!!!
  10. ajthepoolman

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    I recommend a free program called Paint.NET. It is a powerful tool and will help you easily resize images. And more importantly, pick a compression level for your jpeg images. You can resize all day long, but unless you can set a lower compression percentage for an image, it is all for nothing.

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