Philly Style Pulled Pork Q-view

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    Philly Style Pulled Pork

    August  4th, 2012

    fixed pics 2014/12/15


    • butt 8.5 pounds
    • picnic 6.67 pounds
    • Picnic 9.16 pounds

    Philly Style Dry Rub:

        ½ c. kosher salt
        ¼ c. black pepper (freshly ground if possible)
        ½ c. Italian seasoning (OR equal parts: basil, oregano and rosemary)
        ½  c. Minced Onion Flakes
        2 tsp. chili powder

        1 c. Worcestershire sauce
        1 c. Soy sauce

    • Trimmed the fat

    • Mopped with equal parts Worcestershire sauce and Soy sauce.

    • Rubbed with my Philly Style Dry Rub



    • Into the pit prewarmed to 400°+ Drip pan in place, two quarts water are added to the drip pan and the fire has settled down. First hour, dialing the chamber temps to around 270°.



    • A few more hours into the cook.


    • After about three to four hours into the cook, the pork was flipped, mopped and probed (sounds like a bad alien encounter)





    • Water is added to the drip pan to keep the drippings from burning up.


    • Pork reaches approximately 150° it is then foiled and placed back on the pit. Drip pans are removed, collected and refrigerated.

    • The Pork is removed at an internal temperature of 207°, but here is where it gets weird.
    1. 9 hours 19 minutes cook time for the 9.16 pound picnic, That's approximately 1 hour per/lb.
    2. 7 hours for the 8.5  Pound Butt 49 minutes per/lb
    3. 9 hours 55 minutes for the 6.67 pound picnic. 89 minutes per/lb

    The 6.67 pound picnic was the only one that was close to my normal cooking time per/lb, I did however run the pit at 270°.
    • Anyhow... the pork is double foiled, wrapped in towels and placed in the cooler.
    • Time to make the finishing sauce.
    • Drippings are removed from the refrigerator, fat is skimmed away and the finishing sauce is put on low simmer, I add about a cup of red wine and a tablespoon of McCormick's beef base. I usually strain the drippings but lately I have been using as is. There is so much flavor in the drippings so there is no need to add much of anything else.

    • After the last one out has rested an hour or so and the finishing sauce is reducing, the meat is ready to be pulled.

    • I decided on a coarser pull (finger pull) on this cook.







    • The Finishing Sauce is added.



    • Then the pork is lightly tossed.

    • A Sammie with a sauce I love.
    This recipe was from an episode of Restaurant Impossible, I used this on my Fast and Hot ribs and the sauce is really hot, I had to tone it down a bit.

    Robert Irvine BBQ Sauce:

    • 3 cups ketchup
    • 1 cup brown sugar
    • 1 cup rice wine vinegar Substituted with Cider Vinegar
    • 1/2 cup stone ground mustard We substituted with yellow mustard
    • 1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
    • 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper  "wow", really?   I cut this down to 1 Tablespoon and is still hot!
    • 1 tablespoon sea salt
    In a bowl, whisk together the ketchup, sugar, vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne and salt in a saucepan over low heat. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes to blend flavors. Remove from the heat and hold until using. Yield: 1/3 gallon.



    Closing notes.

    I have been shooting for 270° on the pit when doing my Philly Style Pulled Pork, the fact that there is no sugar in the rub gives me the flexibility to increase the pit temps.

    The Worcestershire sauce and Soy Sauce mop really give the pork another level of flavor and adds just enough sugar to promote a mild bark even with foiling.

    The meat was tender to the point of a clean bite through the sandwich, nothing pulled out of the sandwich, in retrospect I should have taken a picture of a clean bite.

    I prefer the Coarser Pull (Finger Pull) over the shredded pork, if the meat is tender it gives it more body on the sandwich and not a sloppy Joe type sandwich, don't get me wrong I like it that way too but prefer a chunkier pulled pork.

    I will never again throw away my drippings or allow them to burn up, I also preferred the drippings as is and not strained as I have done in the past. A coarse

    The finishing sauce is much better with beef base as opposed to beef broth, the beef broth adds too much liquid, there is already enough liquid from the pan. There is no reason to add more.

    The cooking times have me baffled.

    I really love the, "Tweaked" Robert Irvine Barbecue Sauce it doesn't over power the meat at all.

    There was almost no nasty bits at all left on this cook, I could not believe how well everything rendered out.
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  2. Oh man that looks awesome and sounds great!
  3. scarbelly

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    Looks like it really came out good. Man I could go for a plate of that right now 
  4. jarjarchef

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    Great job.

    I prefer the coarser finger pull as well.

    Great pics as well.
  5. Wow...looks fantastic...can you mail some to Arkansas??[​IMG]
  6. boykjo

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    I give.... You win...... Awesome Sqwib...............[​IMG]
  7. I give you a standing ovation! Looks amazing! :yahoo:
  8. chef jimmyj

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    Very Nice! Do you have a preference for the texture of one of the Pork Cuts over the other or are they about the same...JJ
  9. Squib thanks for sharing another awesome Q-View with the recipes!! I have to try that BBQ sauce the ingredients look like a great combination. I also have to try a picnic sometime...for years i have only used butts for pulled pork and the picnics are selling for 30 cents a lb less.[​IMG]
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    once again a great write up!!  that food looks great! I have made 5 butts now. bone in and bone out all at 250 to 275 range and they do finish at the 1lb per hr range.  i have not done one in the 200-212 range yet. i might one day because i can't help my self from experimenting even when it's already great :)

    overall some nice recipes. I may be comfortable at 270 but i still looking for the flavor profile i want. I might give that finishing sauce a try
  11. big lew bbq

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    Looks Amazing, Great Job!

    Big Lew BBQ
  12. Thanks for the Q-view and good instructions!  I have a picnic in the freezer and will go for it this weekend!  Yours all turned out great, and I finger pull my pork as well!  Keep on keeping on.  Steve
  13. werdwolf

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    Looks great.

    copied and now on the to do list.

    Could it be that the pepper was supposed to be tsp instead of tablespoons?  just a thought  I'll probably start here and add to that if I wnat more heat.

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    Looks great as always.:drool
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    Awesome. Do you deliver to CO? I tip well.
  16. sqwib

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    Thanx Guys, It's Greatly appreciated.
    Jimmy, I'm glad you brought this up, I did a write up on one of my cooks about mixing picnics and butts, I was just starting to mix the 2 cuts and noticed a better product than cooking one by itself.

    I must admit I was a Butt only person but that has changed!

    I have been doing it this way for about a year now and I swear it makes a difference, I have noticed that mixing the 2 cuts had great results, the best results were when I done a higher percentage per/lb of the picnics, like a 70 -30 or 60-40, I'm sure its negligible but generally mixing the 2 cuts has worked for me.

    If I have a choice I would use both cuts.
    Go for it.
    In my opinion the flavor profile wont change much, although the bark may differ a bit but if you foil then it's a moot point.

    I would be a bit leery of Q' ing pork that low, 200-212 is a bit low.
    Thank you
    My original thoughts exactly, but unless it's a typo on Food Networks site then it is correct, It is Hot even my tweaked recipe is HOT!.

    Yes start with a light teaspoon, Next time I will use a light teaspoon for the BBQ Sauce and post feedback.
    Thank You
    Well if my neighbor gets his way, we will be opening a Barbecue Joint, he cracks me up.. every time I bring him some Ribs or Pulled Pork he brings it up. So if we do, we will ship too! lol.

    Everyone comments are greatly appreciated, hopefully some folks will try this easy basic recipe and have great results.

    Everyone I have served this to that has tried my traditional pork, prefers this hands down.
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    Dang nab it man that looks great, I just wish my smoker went that high, Look out,  the bill fold may have to come out of hiding!!!!

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