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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by mossymo, Oct 15, 2009.

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    I was unaware of this pepper till I read of someone using it in chili on a hunting/fishing forum I frequent.
    Here is the post -
    "Last spring I ordered on e-bay 1 packet of ***** peppers (look it up) I read up on them after I put about 1/3 of one in the road kill chili. I live too far from the hospital to eat the chili .How do I get the awful hot out with out throwing out 4 gallons of chili. Those peppers will leave blisters on you hands at least that is what it says. I tasted it and it felt like it burned a hole thru my tongue. Tried milk,crackers.I tried to scrub it off like one of the guys who shines shoes and all that did was spread the burn My eyes have watered for 2 hrs, this thing is about 10 times hotter than a habanaro."

    I searched on eBay and google, it sounds like a hot pepper rated at a heat level 9. Anyone else familiar with this pepper?

  2. rivet

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    I gre peter peppers for the last two years straight before this one. Although they look funny, their heat level is nowhere near blistering. They were like a VERY mild jalapeno or cayenne at best. More of a unique pepper, than anythin on heat or taste.

    I got mine from 2 different seed suppliers so I know I got a variety.

    I'd have liked them more if they were that hot. I think there is some serious exxageration going on.
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    Not sure where I saw those before but they made me laugh.
    Never tried them but they sure are funny looking.
  4. Post a pic, I've never seen nor heard of these.
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