Perhaps a stupid question pertaining to rubs.

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  1. Hey, hope all are well here. Been busy working for the past 3 weeks, got caught up on some stuff these past couple days and tomorrow ready to hit the smoker with some ribs, the 2-2-1 method I picked up here. Got them rubbed down with some Kansas City Rub I created

    Now here is where my question comes in.

    Do you all actually 'rub' or it is more a firm pat it onto the meat?

    I let the ribs get to a semi room temp before rubbing, and when  I am trying to rub the spices in, I just end up with them caked on my fingers and nothing really on the ribs. 

    But when I sorta spread it over and pat it down it takes.

    Am I doing it wrong? Or whats the deal here.

    Any input / help is appreciated!!
  2. bamafan

    bamafan Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Are you useing anything like mustard before you apply rub. For ribs I normally apply a good amount of yellow mustard to the ribs then a good coating of rub, then wrap in plastic wrap and into the fridge for an overnight smoke. As I apply the rub I just sprinkle a liberal amount on and if I have an area that didn't get enoughI'll sprinkle some nore or pat it with my hand to even out. You can't taste the yellow mustard after it's cooked. I use something on all my meat to help hold the rub. Butts molasses normally. Helps with the bark(plus I love molasses), olive oil on chicken,etc
  3. cliffcarter

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    I keep my rub in a shaker top bottle. I simply shake on a liberal amount of rub and put the ribs on to cook. No actual "rubbing" involved.
  4. michief

    michief Smoke Blower

    I do rub it into the meat. I feel it helps to start the tenderizing process and adheres better. I am far from an expert though.

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  5. wade

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    I shake it on using a course hole shaker and rub it in. I then wrap it in plastic wrap and let it stand for an hour or so to let the flavours penetrate. The uptake of the rub will also be enhanced if you swab the meat with a little cider vinegar diluted in apple juice for a few minutes before the rub is applied as it will open up the meat pores - however this is usually more appropriate for thicker cuts of meat like brisket and will depend on the recipe you are using.
  6. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    Some folks wanna add a little "love" and rub, others don't.  Either way it is totally up to you.  

    I do like Wade's idea about using the "swabbing" mixture, might just have to try that.

    My preference is to use mustard to act as a binder and then shake the rub onto the meat. 

    If you really have a little extra time on your hands, you can place the rub on the meat and wrap it in plastic wrap.  Place it back into the refrigerator and let it take a while to allow the rub to be absorbed and stick to the meat. 

    Either way, best of luck to you!  [​IMG]
  7. kathrynn

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    I use a shaker too....don't really rub the ribs...and I do not use the mustard.

    Now I do "massage" the butts and briskets a bit more...use gloves on the hands....and it doesn't seem to stick.

    There will be a ka-jillion opinions on this topic too!

  8. seenred

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    [​IMG]   X 2. 

  9. wade

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    Nothing fancy - This is just an old supermarket container for black pepper corns - which for some reason I seem to collect a lot of empty ones...

  10. The binder is a good idea, maybe I'll try that next time, But thanks everyone for the input, got them foil wrapped now, stage 2, and an acorn squash just added. Using mesquite chips. Even after 2 hours they look awesome, Going to finish them with a banana bbq sauce my inlaws brought in antigua.

    So the consensus is pat not rub for the most part. 

    Truly appreciate the insight! 

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