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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jbraas, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. jbraas

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    I have had a Perfect Flame propane smoker (from Lowes) for a little while now and like using propane.

    One issue I have noticed recently is that it seems tough to keep TBS. The wood chips really get going and the smoke pours to the point I need to pour a little water in to get things under control.

    The food still seems to turn out fine, but if I could remove this extra headache it would be even better.

    Any suggestions for modifications? I did a search but nothing jumped out.

    Any thoughts or redirection to another post is greatly appreciated.
  2. chefrob

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  3. rbranstner

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    What kind of pan are you using for your chip tray big or small? I had my first propane rig and it had a tiny chip pan it would smoke hard and fast so it was hard to keep the TBS. Now I have a bigger thicker cast iron pot with a lid that I use and that works great. I have also started using large chunks of wood more and that keeps the smoke going longer. I use a mixture of wood chips and chunks. Also I had to experiment with getting my chip pan further away from my flame so it didn't burn so hot and quick. All I ended up doing was putting fire bricks under my pan and that deflected enough heat to keep the chips from catching fire. You can also put your chips in a tinfoil ball with holes poked in the top that would keep your chips from catching fire. Hope this help a bit.
  4. jaxgatorz

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    rb has given u some great advice.. I have that exact smoker and had the same problem at first.. I now use only the big chunks of wood and put a chunk way into the corner of the wood pan...Add more as needed.... The foil works ok with the chips too , but i like the chunk method better....
  5. jaxgatorz

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    Also just incase u were not aware-- DO NOT trust the thermometer on that unit.. I have never seen 1 that was even close... Mine is 50-75 degrees off !! Happy smokes..
  6. jbraas

    jbraas Fire Starter

    Thanks for the info and tips everyone. I may look to go with a chunk/chip combo, or move more to chunks.

    I think the pan is a decent size, but it is a rather thin metal (thin enough that it sort of "warps" after it is heated) and I have thought that could be a part of the problem.

    Any thoughts on how I might get a more cast iron version that I have heard is out there?
  7. Check out this site....they have a cast iron smoking pot for $9.00

  8. rad5

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    I have the same smoker...I turn the flame down real low and close the vents almost all the way closed. I leave them open just a little. You might have to bend the tab that keeps the vents from closing. Also, like everyone said get a good thermometer.
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