Pepperoni Fatty Woe's

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  1. I set out to cook a Fatty. It was a struggle to work my current vision.

    First we started with :

    1 Lb mild Italian sausage.

    4 oz thinly slice proscuitto



    Sun dried tomato pesto

    Thick sliced bacon

    Sun dried tomato dust

    Roasted red pepper

    Pepper was coated in olive oil and sea salt. Broiled until slightly blackened, and sliced thinly.

    A gentle smearing of tomato pesto. Trust me buy some, we have used it for years to make marinara sauce.

    Some provolone and parmesian.

    A layer of prosciutto.

    Cooked to an internal temp of 158f then crisped in a 550f pre-heated oven flipped to broil.

    Great flavor terrific in fact. Served with pasta tossed in butter and green pesto.

    Now to my woes. The sausage has to be kept very cold during the entire process or it sticks and splits. I suggest to freeze an 18 x 18 inch tile to lay the rolled flat on while you work it. 
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  2. jp61

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    Sometimes they can be difficult to work with.

    Nice job! It looks great and sounds delicious!

  3. Your right which is why I thought of freezing a tile to use as a cold plate. This should allow an extended work time.

    Thank you.

    Even tho it was more difficult, it was terrific.
  4. smokinal

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    The fattie looks awesome! 

    Great combo of flavors!

    I also like the idea of serving it with pasta!

    I'll have to try the cold tile, I found that using 1 1/4 lb of sausage makes it much easier to keep together.



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