Pepper plants not "growing"

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  1. A little background, I have 3 4'x8'x10" beds, all are filled with a mushroom soil/black gold mix, one bed is new this year, he other two are a year old. Last year I planted with WONDERFUL results the two beds with a mix of super hots and a cherry tomato plant. When I say wonderful I mean super results, I probably picked 1000 peppers, my plants were large, healthy and produced well into the fall. Those were all started by seeds, this year for lack of better judgement I killed all my seeds I purchased (same seed supplier as last year and the year before I did in pots). So I went out and purchased all small plants. That was about a month ago, some plants already have peppers on them but the plants are not getting any bigger basically almost the same size as when I bought them. The tomato plants in the same beds as the peppers are doing great. The new bed that has all lettuces, males, cucs and stuff like that is doing awesome as well. Any ideas? I use a fish fertilizer every 2.5-3 weeks.

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  2. In that lies the answer.
    It would have been a good idea to pinch blossoms and let the plants do some growing before setting fruit.

  3. Hmm, never thought of that. Fruits are small, un edible still. Have flowers on the others I can pinch off. I assume they will still grow a little no?

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    Martin is right on. If plants are small and fruits are on pull them, maybe more than one.  I buy straight from a nursery. You can buy from wally world or what have ya with blooms and maters on, by them and plant them, but pick blooms and fruits off! Then plant deep! Keep askin. Have been around and planting gardens all my life. Sometimes  too much moisture, plants can just sit there. Keep soil tilled up. Roots need air. I have black gumbo which is heavy sil that compcts in to much rain. It can crust over half an inch or so an still be wetter than hell under that crust, it is a luv hate deal. Let us know. Keep me posted through the season please. Send pm if want to. Want to help in any way i can. Luv gardening
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    Here are a few of mine .


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