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  1. Today I made my second fatty. My first one I used turkey bacon and it ended up way too salty and crunchy. So this time I used low sodium pork bacon for the wrap and turkey sausage for the roll. The final result was about right on the salt content, but the bacon wasn't very crispy. I started the fatty out at 215 and then when it hit 140 internal I kicked it up to 275 in an attempt to crisp up the bacon. I used a water pan, and I'm thinking that might be what made it soggy.

    So heres the Q-view.

    This is the turkey sweet italian sausage rolled out with bell peppers on one side and jalapeños on the other. Most in the family dont like it hot.

    I added sauted onions, and after the picture I added extra sharp cheddar cheese.

    This is after the sausage was rolled up. I then rolled on the bacon weave.

    Everything in the smoker, ready to go.

    finished product

    cut open. the spiral wasn't as visible, probably because I rolled the sausage pretty thin.

    The taste was good, but would have been much better if the bacon had crisped up, and if I put more cheese in. The jalepenos weren't very hot either. But overall it was good.
  2. caveman

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    Very nice & creative looking fattie. Some folks put their fattie under the broiler to crispen the bacon after it comes off of the smoker. That is one juicy fattie there buddy! [​IMG]
  3. 5lakes

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    This is great! All things I like, rolled into one. Can't really ask for more. Except maybe a taste.... Guess I'll make my own.

    I grew up just a few miles from the Tillamook cheese factory. Toured the place several times as a kid.

  4. fire it up

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    Looks tasty!

    Another trick for the bacon which also works for ABTs is to slightly nuke the bacon before wrapping it, not really cooked but to the point where it is just beginning to cook, that usually will help the bacon get crisp by the time the meat/ABTs are ready to come off.
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    I also use a really cheap and thin bacon on my fatties too. Now I don't know the salt content of it so it might not be a option for ya'll. But your fattie looks good and I'm sure it wouldn't be your last one either.

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