Peoria Cookers 24x48 Backyard with Trailer + Options - Chatham, Illinois

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    Hello All,

    I must part with my Peoria Cookers Backyard 24x48 smoker. Unfortunately due to space and time commitments, I have to sell. The smoker has only been used about 10 times since I purchased it new. Its has been garaged since purchased. The smoker is the original backyard model with several upgrades including a trailer mounted by Peoria Cookers, insulated firebox, coal tray, upgraded brass ball valve for grease and diamond plate fenders. Paid close to $2700 new. Tires are brand new as the only use they have had is from the factory to my house. Trailer lights included. The photos are when the cooker was new but will throw some up in the next day or so. Again the cooker has been used minimally and still looks great.

    The cooker has been great, and has produced the best ribs, butt and bird I've tasted. If you are interested, please drop me a line. I'm sure it would look great in your backyard, or on the back of your truck for a cookout.


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