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    A while back i got some pellets form a co. called absolute, the web site was it appears down or something else, may be out of business, don't know.But they were great pellets 50% oak and 50% hickory, burned good. I just tried trager  in my a-maze-n smoker , they go out after about 5 min. any help would be great. 
  2. There are several threads on pellets on this site -lots of discussions on different makes.

    I have never tried "absolute".  There are a bunch of pellet vendors who just buy form one of the big guys and put their own package wrapper on.

    I use Lumberjack - they make their own pellets and they work well for me.  The key I have found using the a-maze-n smoker is to make sure I really get the pellets lit and going good before I put it in my smoker.  Some air flow to keep the pellets burning is critical.  I tried several locations in my smoker till I found the best spot.

    I had recurring problems keeping pellets lit in the a-maez-n smoker, so I switched to the a-maze-n tube which seems to do better with low air flow situations.

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