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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cftbox, May 31, 2014.

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    Hello everyone and thanks to everyone's ( especially Bear) help I am enjoying "smoking" some bacon and enjoying my new MB 30" smoker. A question, I have the AMNP as suggested by so many people on this for, and they were right, a wonderful aid in smoking meat. Can anyone recommend a brand of pellets they have good luck with. I am thinking some are better than others. The tip I want to pass on to you is this: when I get the pellets first started I blow on them to get them really going. I was thinking a small fan would be a lot better than me ( I run out of steam fast) and found the perfect battery operated unit on Amazon. It is called "Travelon 3-speed folding fan" and really works and batteries seem to last forever. The link is  

    Not sure they allow us to post links to other sites, but Google it or search on Amazon. Again thanks to all of you for your help............Charles
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    Thanks for the tip, Charles. I could use a little help due to my Emphysema.[​IMG]

    It sounds like they sent you an MES that works this time!! I'm real glad to hear that !!!

    We should be seeing some Qview pretty soon.

    I get my Pellets right from Todd, so I have no knowledge of the other places (quality or prices).

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    Thanks Bear, I knew you would come through, using new smoker (right now) and seems to be doing great. Will shut down in 35 mins and let cool and then remove "skin" and put in fridge and then into freezer tomorrow morning for about 3 hrs and then slice. How do I contack Todd about the pellets:

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    Here's the Dust & Pellets link:

    You might want to freeze that belly 4 or 5 hours before slicing---at least 4 anyway. It eliminates the slight miss at the bottom when slicing.

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    Thanks are so cool

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