Pellets don't grow on trees!

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  1. Hey everyone! Any other pellet heads out there that can help me out?

    I love my Louisiana Grills CS 450, mind you when it comes to cooking a brisket for most of the day I go through a lot of pellets, which I wouldn't mind if they didn't cost me $25 for a 20lb bag (In Canada). I have found cheaper 40lb bags ($35) but wood selection is very limited.

    Does anyone here have any experience with taking a brisket off the grill and popping it in the oven for the rest of the cook?
    I was thinking of trying this by smoking the brisket for 4-6 hours and then finishing it off in the oven until it reaches the proper temperature, but since I've never done this before I'm afraid of the meat becoming too dry or not getting enough smoke etc. 
  2. You certainly can. Heat is heat whether it's from a smoker or an oven.
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    Yep...Or, why not make Heat with the cheap pellets and use the Good Wood Pellets in an A-MAZE-N Tube for the Flavorful Smoke? Win-Win, a smokey good brisket...[​IMG]...JJ
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  4. Agree with everyone above! A lot of guys (myself included) foil brisket at around 160ish so it's not getting any smoke at that point anyway(usually between 4-6 hours in depending on cooking temp/size of the brisket.). I usually throw it in the oven at that point to save going outside over and over again or so I can throw something else in the smoker.
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    Agree with all advice given... and I know what you mean about affordable pellets being hard to find in many places.  I've had the same experience...and I imagine it can be even more challenging in Canada.  Most often, I buy my pellets from 2 sources:  When Amazon has a good deal on CookinPellets 100% Hickory, I'll order 2 or 3 bags...enough to qualify for free shipping.  The rest of the time, I buy from a local Academy Sports and Outdoors, who carry a brand called B&B.  

    If you haven't already done so, you might browse this conversation about that very subject:


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