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Discussion in 'A-Maze-N Smokers' started by jag reddog, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. jag reddog

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    Hello everyone,Im using a MES 30s-controls on top model.Ive followed the light it rule -let it flame-let it smoke 10 minute rule.I live in NC US.Removed the chip tray-chip loader is completely out.AMPS bottom left corner of smoker.

    I got all that covered after trial an error.I fill it full but not over full thru the maze.I light both ends.Should last 12 hrs right?

    2.5hrs later ive burned up my pellets.I don't nuke my pellets thou im thinking leaving just bag wrapped in my garage might have dried them out.

    Having said all that,ive read that the AMPS last for a good 10-12 hrs.I believe that.Mine just burns thru in 3 hrs time.Going to light only one end next smoke.Got worried because it kept going out.Pellets are trager hickory flavor.Sure im missing something.Thanks SMF.
  2. bregent

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    >I light both ends.Should last 12 hrs right?

    No. If you light both ends, it will produce more smoke but only run for half as long. How long a tray lasts depends on many things, but mostly; the wood the pellets are made out of, the temperature of the smoker and amount of O2. Was the MES running when you got 2.5 hours?
  3. vwaldoguy

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    If you light both ends, it will burn twice as fast.  If you light just one end, it will burn longer.  How fast it burns depends on air flow.  It is possible to have too much airflow, and it will burn a lot quicker.  In my 30" MES, if I pull the chip loader all the way out, and use a small elbow chimney on top, my AMNPS will only last 3 hours lighting on one end.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    You got tooooo much air with the tray and loader out. Light " one " end, tray out 1-2", loader out. After it's going good, 15-20 minutes, replace the loader, all the way in or no more than 1" out, top vent wide open. I have played around with multiple combos of loader and tray and above gets max duration for me in both my MES40's...JJ
  5. jag reddog

    jag reddog Newbie

    Ok Thanks everyone will try to change the chip loader position next smoke.Thought I might have air dried out the pellets by not sealing them in a air-tight container,but it seems I might have had to much air -flow.Thanks for your help.
  6. lunchbocks

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    Wow just came here to post this question too.

    I also remove the chip tray and loader on the MES30. Also, light to flame then blow out and smolder for 10 minutes. Preheat MES and insert AMNPS - but I place it on top of the native wood tray area/heating element.

    What I notice is that for the first ~1 hr it will be light smoke, then at 1.5-2 hr it will get pretty thick and I can hear the ashes burning and falling. And one row will only last ~2 hours.

    Thing is after a few attempts I put the wood chip loader all the way in hopes of somewhat smothering the pellets but it didn't really help. Maybe I need to move it away from the heating element or also re-insert the native chip tray.

    All this being said I have been happy with the results and haven't had any bitter/creosote taste. But still want to try to experiment with different smoke qualities.

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