Pellet source in Michigan (Jackson, Ann Arbor, Novi)

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  1. Hello All,

    I am looking for some quality pellets available in Michigan. I would like some 100% hickory. I stopped by Leisure Works in Ann Arbor and they had Lumberjacks in about everything, but hickory. They told me they won't be ordering anytime soon because they need to sell the rest of the pellets they have. I guess they order once a year or less.

    Any other sources in the area?
  2. smokinadam

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    I got about 20 bags left on the other side of the lake. Bought whole pallet from them directly when it was available. Best price I'll ever get unless I open a bbq supply business.
  3. I was hoping to try some. I can get cookinpellets for about the same price Amazon.
  4. koop

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    Cabela's in Dundee has pellets.
  5. nated

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    I live near Wyandotte MI. and found a supplier of cookinpellets in Sterling Heights and he's pretty good about making arrangements to meet for pickup. He'll give you a slight discount if you purchase 5 40lb bags. If interested PM me and I'll give you his contact info.
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    If you have a Menards by you they sell: 

    Pit Boss 40 lb. Hickory BBQ Pellets

    Online Price 


    Order Online free delivery to store.
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  7. Have you tried a group out of Hayward Wi. called The sell in lg. quantities 1/4 ton and up. Or you can buy 20# sample bags and have them shipped right to your door. I have been buying from them for about 2 years now. All kinds of varieties of pellets. Give them a look.  
  8. ryancsmith85

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    • beuregard  what would you recommend from Normally i just buy the hickory from traeger. Is their 100% hickory really too much smoke for long smokes like briskets and pork butts?
  9. smokinadam

    smokinadam Smoking Fanatic

    I use 100% hickory on most smokes. Long and short. Brisket is good with it. Might do oak sometime.
  10. I think if you did as I did, and buy a few different sample bags of the pellet choices, you can make up your own mind on what works best for you and your tastes. They have 3# or 4# sample packs in various varieties, 100% Hickory& Oak,& Maple, & Cherry, & Beech,&  Pecan, & Mesquit, along with Blended varieties, Oak-Hickory-Cherry, Maple-Beech-Cherry, etc. Pretty simple the order comes right to your mailbox. Good Luck and enjoy the ride. 
  11. smokinadam

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    very good informstion! I didn't think I would like the mhc (maple, hickory,cherry) blend because I'm more just a one flavor guy but I was impressed at what it did and would recommend trying some of their blends.

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