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    I purchased the Smoke Ring Pellet Smoker and 3 kinds of Pellets from Smoke Daddy quite sometime back. Up to today, I have never used it to date because of some health problems and and then the weather being too hot for me to get out into it ...... Today was a nice day and I used the Smoke Ring for the first time along with Smoke Daddy's Hickory Pellets on 4 slabs of ribs in my Masterbuilt 40" Blue Tooth Smoker. I placed it in the bottom of smoker, left hand side, 2" off the floor, where where I used to place the Maze from A-Amaze-N Products and of which would never stay lit for me. Their tube would stay lit, but would put out too much smoke at times. The Smoke Daddy Smoke Ring worked to PERFECTION. It stayed lit the entire time with the perfect amount of smoke. Just want to let people of whom have the same problems with the Maze that I did,  know about this Smoke Ring Pellet Smoker.

    Here is a link to where I got this Smoke Ring ....

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