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    Added a Jenn-U-Wine Jerry upgrade from Smoke Daddy to my PelletPro smoker.  Overcomes the downside of a pellet smoker not being able to produce smoke over 200+ degrees.  Kit includes a heavy duty heat deflector, spacers for the drip pan, and a rod to adjust positioning of heat deflector (didn't install the rod yet)

    Produce good smoke at 300 degrees.

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    First dish was Diablo Beef.  Original recipe courtesy of "Date Night Doins" with a slight change on the rub used

    5 LBS of chuck roast

    Inject with about 4 cups of beef broth

    Tatonka rub

    All Spice Chipolte Garlic Sauce

    300 degrees.  2 hours open pan with mesquite, apple and hickory wood smoke.  Then covered and another 3 hours cooking time.   The shredded.  On a roll with sautéed onions and cheddar cheese.  

    Another keeper

  3. Looks great.........

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