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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by ordinary guy, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Hi, new to smoking and just bought aTraeger Junior Elite.

    I have found out Traeger pellets don't give much flavor and have bought a different brand of pellets. I see these new ones have different sized pellets in the bag. Is the different sizes going to give me trouble with the auger feeding them?
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    It should feed them fine, however, I believe Traeger states that use of other pellets voids warranty?

    Does it state this in your manual??
  3. Yes it does. Don't know how they would know what pellets a person users though. .

    Thanks for the info
  4. smokin218r

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  5. seenred

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    It's basically a scare tactic on Traeger's part to try to get you to spend your money on their pellets. You are correct that there is no way they can enforce it. For one thing, like you mentioned, there's no way for them to know who's pellets you're, I'm not sure it's legal. If they voided a warranty based on that policy and someone challenged them on it, I don't think it'd stand up in court.
  6. low down

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    Maybe someone from Traeger goes around licking firepots to see how they taste...  [​IMG]

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    Pellet pits may provide a more subtle smoke flavor that what you prefer.

    See my comments in this forum thread Looking into a pellet smoker, looking for opinions and advice.
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    I just switched to a pellet smoker myself, and there is a difference in smoke.  It's a much more subtle flavor.  Also, the amount of smoke varies by temp, at least in mine.  The lower the heat, the more smoke.  If you like a stronger smoke flavor, consider using a smoke tube.

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