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  1. Ok my question is I am building a new smoker out of an old fridge and want to know what kind of pellet burners are out there to use want everything in one for it looking at a smokedaddy but want to know what else is out there
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    Using these, if it can be consumed, it can be smoked.

    My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View

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  4. I want something that will run the whole unit for heating and smoking
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    Pellets used for heat don't create much smoke..... pellets used for smoke, don't create much heat...

    .............................Smoke and very little heat.......................................... Heat and very little smoke ..........................

    .. ..
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    This is true. But if you do put cooking pellets in a heating stove your yard smells good when the stove is lighting.
    I decided to get rid of my "blended" cooking pellets so I dumped them in the pellet stove we use for heat....
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    When you say "heating" are you talking about cooking or do you mean heating - as in your house?

    If the latter - as Dave pointed out, you are talking apples and oranges.  If cooking, you are going in the right direction.  You may also want to consider adding a cold smoker when you want to cold smoke or want a little more smoke while cooking.  

    Smoke Daddy offers one (I have the Big Kahuna) and Amazen products is another favorite of many here.  Some using the AMNPS use a exterior mod such as a mail box to house the tray, keeping the heat out of the fridge.
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    House...and I understand they are apples to oranges...
    When I cold smoke I load my AMNPS and put it on the floor of our XLBGE. Put the fire grate in and stack cookie cooling racks. As long as the ambient temperature is low enough I have no problem with cold smoking cheese & butter, our Egg is in the sun all day so I do have to wait for an overcast cool day.
    When I was using the MES40 I did have a mail box hanging off of it. But, in my opinion, an electric smoker just can't compare to a BGE....
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    I think the guys have misunderstood what you're asking about. If I have this right, you want to convert your fridge build into a pellet fueled smoker?

    You mentioned the Pellet Pro by Smoke Daddy:

    There may be other similar units on the market, but this is the only one I know of.

    Here is an older thread of another member doing this type of fridge conversion, with pretty detailed set by might help you to check out his build.

    Hope that helps!

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  10. Yes seenred that is what I ment I have a bradley already but want to try something different other than electric
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    Check out ScooterMagoo's build thread...his pellet fueled fridge smoker is awesome! In fact, you can see a pic of his rig on Smoke Daddy's website. He calls it Reefer Madness!

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  12. I was thinking of using that one but was wondering if there was any other models out there
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    That Pellet Pro sold by Smoke Daddy Is the only one I know of...and a Google search didn't turn up anything else.

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    Good Catch Red!!!! 3 Points...JJ
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    If you go this route, talk to Dennis (the owner) about the Jen-U-Wine Jerry mod. They replace the heat defector with a much heavier plate. Then you can put wood chunks on top for smoke at higher temps - 250+.

    Dennis is a good guy. Very helpful to talk to.
  16. seenred

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    Thanks JJ!


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