Peanuts!!! (W/ Q-View)

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    I have read several threads on here about smoking nuts. Decided to make a go for it today! Used this recipe from Scarbelly as a guide.

    I used dry roasted peanuts and prepared them as follows.

    2 TBS Margerine
    5-6 cups peanuts
    1 Cup Brown Sugar
    1/3 Cup Tabasco
    1/4 Tsp Paprika (didn't have Chipotle Powder)

    Heat margerine in skillet and add peanuts. Toss to coat. Add Brown Sugar, Tabasco and Paprika. Once sugar is melted, add remaining ingredients:

    1 Tsp Dry Mustard
    1 Tsp Chili Powder
    1 1/2 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes
    1 Tsp Cayanne Pepper
    1/4 Cup Honey  

    I then simmered everything for about 10 minutes (stirring constantly) and spread them on racks. I made these racks today with $2.99 worth of screen from the hardware store and some scrap wood thanks to an idea I saw on the forums!

    Into the Masterbuild Dual fuel with hickory chunks.  I plan to leave them in for 3-4 hours.  Will post results later tonight!

    Ingredients ready for action.

    In the skillet.  Had to taste a few, had some heat with the Tabasco, but tasted good already!

    On the racks, ready to go in the smoker.

    Once I get this smoker set, it holds really well!

    Hickory Chunks

    Now I have to wait and watch USA Soccer!!!!

    Thanks for looking,

  2. isucyclone

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    Well, I got busy around the house yesterday and didn't get a picture of the final product. Unfortunately, the sugar on the nuts got burnt a little in the smoker. My wife and I took the dog for a walk and got to talking to a neighbor so the nuts ended up being on longer than I wanted.  The flavor is good but not great I would say.  Overall a good experiment, I think next time I will try simply try a blend of spices rather than the sugars like I did this time.
  3. knifebld

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    Hey man at least you're triying new things, I respect that! Great job on the racks too!

    Did they take on a fair bit of smoke?
  4. isucyclone

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    Thanks! They did take on a nice amount of smoke. And honestly, I think they taste better today after sitting over night. Only about half of them were burnt, I brought a little baggie of the good ones to work today. Just started snacking on them was pleasantly surprised!

  5. driedstick

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    Them look great, gave me a good idea on the racks with my q mats 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker


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