Peanuts and dry rub

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  1. I came here the other day looking for a good rub recipe for brisket.  As always, there are a number of opinions on the subject ranging from salt and pepper only, to everything but the kitchen sink.  

    I already know how to mix salt and pepper in equal proportion, so I've decided to go in the other direction a bit.  Taking advice from all over the site this is what I've come up with:

    1 part dry mustard

    1 part cumin

    1 part chili powder (which also has cumin in it, but has other stuff too)

    1 part Cayenne

    2 parts table salt

    1 part very coarse ground black pepper

    a dash of fine ground white pepper

    2 parts turbinado sugar

    To be honest, I didn't measure it that closely - I just kind of eyeballed it until it looked right.

    I wanted to make sure that it tasted good before I throw this stuff all over a 13 pound brisket.  But how do you test out a rub, short of eating it by the spoonful?  I've got to be certain my meat will be properly rubbed.

    I came up with the following solution:

    Add ≈1.5 cups of dry roasted peanuts to a small Tupperware container with a lid.  

    Add 2 capfuls of extra virgin olive oil to the peanuts (just enough to thinly coat everything - a little dab'll do ya.)

    Add rub mixture to taste

    Add ≈ 2-3 drops of liquid smoke.

    Put the lid on the container, and shake and rotate the container on each axis, several times until the mixture is evenly distributed.


    It's a terrible picture, but it made for a spicy, savory snack.  I'll bet a bigger batch of this would make for a great pre-bbq snack for guests (more leftovers for me - hahahaha).  If nothing else, it gives you something to do with leftover rub.
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    Thanks for the idea.

    I have a bowl of the filling for pork shots that was leftover .Now i know what to do w/ it !
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    May have to give it a try

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