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  1. Well I finally got my hands on some pink salt for the cure and used the brine  recipe I got from Cowgirl.

    For this run I used 1/2 of a 9 lb. pork loin I got on sale at Sam's a while back. Soaked in the brine for 7 days. I did a fry test and it was a little salty so I soaked the cured loin for 2 hrs in fresh water then dried it off and rolled it in yellow corn meal. 

    I must have dried the loin off a little too much because I didn't get much corn meal to stick on it. After I took the pic of the loin I had the bright idea to use a spray bottle and spray some water on it and give it another roll in the corn meal. It worked pretty good and I got a good thick coating of corn meal on it.

    I haven't been to Canada in about 15 years, so I can't really remember how peameal bacon is suppose to taste. But this stuff turned out pretty darn tasty !!. Also, it didn't seem to get as red colored as I remember the pealmeal bacon in Canada to be. Maybe I need to let in cure longer????

    Thanks to Cowgirl and AK1 for their help.

    First roll in the corn meal. Not much stuck.


    Froze a little and sliced.


    All bagged up.  No need for vacuum bags, This stuff won't last long.


    Couple fried slices for a sammie.

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    Looks excellent!
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    Looks Great...
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    Looks great!!!!! I have never heard of that....

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