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    Got fresh Peaches today, I didn't wash my hands to take pictures of peeling and stuff.

    I made freezer jelly, canned preserves, and a bit of fruit juice.

    Preserves ( added a smidgin of cinnamon and vanilla to these) You can't really taste it but you know they are better than normal.

    Freezer Jelly (trick to these babies is to stir your little butt off, take a break, rinse and repeat twice more!)

    I shared the fruit juice (better now than later, they can rack it themselves)

    I think I made 2 gallons, but I could only find 2 quarts. I hope Its put up under the counter and I just didn't look for it.

    AND enough fresh peaches left for some with oatmeal for breakfast, with pancakes the next day, and some for short cake too.

    That was my evening, its like making sausage..... when you start you go till its all done and cleaned up.

    Ok, I know, I know, It doesn't look like much but that's a lotta pans of happy biscuits!

    Thinking maybe pears tomorrow, I am NOT looking forward to peeling them either!

    BTW I HIGHLY recommend a Pampered Chef fruit peeler to anyone that deals with fruit. A lady that used to be on this site suggested it to me and its the greatest thing since store bought ready sliced bread! I swear you could peel a soft tomato with that thing!
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  2. Nice job!!

    I'm the same way, once I start canning, I go until it's all finished. 

    I went a different direction with some white peaches I picked up today at the farmer's market...

    Quick caramelization on my trusty and dusty kettle...

    Turned the peaches into a peach salsa... 

    It won't last long enough to preserve...

    My gf doesn't like spicy, hot foods... [​IMG] she found out how addicting my peach salsa can be...
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    Fruit peeler? Hey Pal... If you take the fuzz off a peach you're left with a nectarine! 

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    Nice work with the peaches guys! My wife has been making so much freezer jam we may need another chest freezer!
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    Looks good man, after all the times I spent in West Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico I don't remember ever having salsa, Piquante yes, but I just don't remember salsa. But that  does looks good!
    LOL didn't ya have a crazy uncle or cousin, that ya loved being around and ya Mom hated cause they taught ya all the rude and crude stuff. Well my Uncle told me it would make the fresh peaches better if I got the fuss off. The only way to do it was to rub the peaches on your bare chest which also made ya chest hair grow. This was back when at the old place it was a weekly washtub out on the back porch. Gwad that peach fuzz will drive ya crazy itching!!''!

    Anyway you need to find a "Pampered Chef" sales person (they kind of remind me back when our Mom's went to Tupperware parties) and get ya one.

    Note the serrated blade top and bottom, it will make your thumb look like hamburger upon your first experience. Like a snakes teeth, sharp and pointy but won't make ya cry.

    Lets try anther maybe

    I am telling ya it save you from havin to boil and peel delicate fruits and veggies.

    A normal veggie peeler is sharp, but nothing like that  double serrated blade!

    LOL... Well so far my preserves have not set, although since the heat index here today was 112, I think I'll give me another day. I messed with pears today.

    Long before Albertsons started carrying everything from the hydro gardens and from south of the border, There was just nothing finer that a hot biscuit with butter and jelly. Add some ham or sausage and you got a perfect meal!

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