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    Typical life experience. I happen to mention that I wanted some fresh peaches to make some more peach liqueur. Then I am inundated with peaches from 4 different fronts. I am not complaining mind you, I just have a house full of fruit flies. LOL. But......

    I put up some peach liqueur, made a peach crunch, and had enough left for jelly!

    Processing peaches! I have about Hmmmmmm........ 7 or 6 times this much. These were the big pretty ones.

    After washing and making a little "X" with a knife on the tit on the bottom of the peach you immerse them in boiling water for 3 or 2  mins. You don't want to cook 'em, only heat the outsides so the skin slips off. The same thing with processing tomatoes.

    Once you see the first slip on the X, (they can slip on the stem end also), remove and stop the cooking in a pan of ice water. See how the skins slip? I rub by hand all the peaches to insure all the skins are removed.

    Cleaned rubbed rinsed, this is where you look for defects, spots, bruises, the yuckie spots. You don't need the knife to open them up and remove the seed, if you have done it right they will split along the seam with your hands and you can easily remove the seed.

    So I mentioned 7 or 6 times, so it a continuous add to the boiling water, and rub the last when they are done, take the boilers to the chilled water and reload the boiling pot. Its not hard there just isn't a cigarette break anywhere till done.

    I then put all the cleaned and processed peach pieces in a gallon Tupperware bowl and into the reefer. I didn't have any ascorbic acid, I could have used OJ, but I didn't want to dampen the peach flavor. I was surprised when they didn't brown on me.

    That's how I processed the peaches. Now some are making Peach Liqueur, some a Peach Crumble, then there is the jelly!

    Peach Jelly or Jam

    I use Sure-Jel powdered pectin. I have watched my mom used the peach skins for pectin. But that was way too over the top and I would have to waste a lot of peaches learning the old ways.  I use the Sure-jel, its the bible in all cases. It has a major instruction sheet in every box.  And not knowing either if its jelly or jam it helps. Jelly is made with clean liquid, jam is made with squished chunks.

    The fibrous peach body would not have been too good because if you tried to get a spoon of jam it would have pulled more than you wanted even after squishing with a pastry blender. SO I compromised, I ran it all thru the blender.

    I washed, disinfected, boiled the jelly jars, lids, and bands.

    Toys to fill clean jelly jars and keep the jelly in the jar.

    Made 'em by the Sur-Jel instructions for cooked peach jam. First fill the jars to the threads, then a lid and band, tighten gently (berry berry important), so the heat can escape the jars while in the hot water, causing a vacuum to form when removed and cooled. That's what causes the lids "dimples" to pop allowing you to know they have been properly sealed. Now into the hot tub for 10 mins. to process.

    Eight jars of jelly, first batch!

    Can you see a difference in the shades of the jelly? Good eyes, that's because one jelly is peach jelly and one is spiced peach jelly! That's some good stuff and it will make some mediocre smoked ham over the top this year!!

    And that's the Monday peach jelly foray. The Peach liqueur is in jars on the counter. The dirty Peach crumble casserole dish is in the sink soaking, yes, we made pigs of ourselves.

    Maybe Tomorrow we'll smoke some loin that is brining and add some spice peach glaze........ Oh my!

    That's all there is, Thanks for looking in.
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    Looking Peachy Keen!!!!

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