Peaceful morning.

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  1. Up at dawn, enjoying a mug of coffee out by the smoker. A stream of thin blue smoke lazily wafts through the cool morning air. A marinated and well seasoned brisket sits in this smoker, perhaps pondering it's fate on this beautiful Memorial Day morning.

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    I was just sitting here thinkin the same thing,  got up early preped some ribs, fired thesmoker up, and started to put in the food.

    This country sure is a great place to live.
  3. Three hours in, time for another apple juice spritz.

  4.  Amen brother!!! We have so many reasons to be thankful today. My brother served in Vietnam, flying B-52s. He passed away two years ago. I am honoring him, and ALL who served or died for this great country!!

     I almost feel my 'bro next to me! He loved smoked and grilled food, and we spent many afternoons with cold beers, cooking away!!
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  6. My next door neighbor was scheduled for a return to Iraq in mid june. Well, his orders changed, and he is gone, on his way to Afghanistan. I treated him to some fine smoked foods last weekend. Now, we pray for him. He is an EOD specialist.
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    Well tell your next door neighbors wife or family Thanks for all they put up with. It's hard to be the part of the family that stays here. We know that so well our son is/or was in Iraq but he has been scheduled to leave early this time (his 3rd) and we are still sitting here awaiting the call from him in Germany. This is the 2nd time he has left Iraq on Memorial day weekend. So we will pray for your neighbor and all the other men and women in country.

    Yes this is a GREAT country to live in and they make it that way.  
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