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  1. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter is the question. I bought a new Smoke Hollow propane with 2- 22,000 btu burners and have been trying to get the temp to 230. I tried 1 burner on low, I tried switching 1 burner off then turning the other on but, stays at 250. after reading a thread on SMF, it was suggested that I fill the water tray with pea gravel. It has been holding at 230 for almost 2 hours!!! Question......once the gravel gets to the temp from the burner, will the overall temp still stay at 230? I hope this does not sound stupid.....thanks for your help!!!
  2. so ms smoker

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      The pea gravel acts as a heat sink and helps hold a steady temp. Water will act the same way but it evaporates, which will let the temp go back up.

  3. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter

    So........will the temp ever rise or stay the same for the smoke.....14 hours?
  4. davidhef88

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    You may get a gradual rise as the temp of the meat rises. What sand or gravel does is acts as a thermal mass it helps to hold your temps steady. If you open the door you will have a quicker temp recovery. Water is basically the same thing but will not go above 212*. If you are running above 212* you are doing nothing but giving your self another job ( filling the water pan ) every couple hours. Unless you refil it with boiling water you again will be getting temp swings.
  5. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter

    another question....shoud I turn the other burner on low also? Right now I have 1 burner turned on between low and medium.
  6. so ms smoker

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      I have not used a propane smoker before but would think that once the gravel reaches temp, it should hold.  Mostly it will take trial and error. At least you get to eat your 'errors' !

  7. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter

    You are so has held 230 for 2hours.........thanks so much!!!!
  8. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter

    Good one!!!! No meat yet....this weekend doing 20 lbs of beef brisket........I will post pic's!!! Thanks for the reply!!!
  9. oldschoolbbq

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    Animal, Bro.  They are ^^^ those guys  , are pointing you the right direction with the Gravel . Do you have a needle valve in-line of the Propane ??? gives more control. Then play with the smoker on long cooks to  learn how she operates (i.e.-learn your Smoker).

    Soon you'll get hang of the flame. Oh, and get a GOOD Thermometer. You'll thank me later. Practise using "PATIENCE" in your cooking.

    Good luck on your ventures in cooking , and as always , be sure to...
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  10. s2k9k

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    This will explain the needle valve that Stan spoke of:

    It really helps with more accurate temp control and achieving lower temps. When i got my GOSM I couldn't get it below 250* and after sand in the water pan and a needle valve I could maintain 185*. I wanted to go lower for smoking jerky so I installed a smaller burner and now I can go 135* to over 300*. Don't be afraid to make some mods to make your smoker work just the way you want it to!
  11. animal54

    animal54 Fire Starter

    Thanks for your help!!!

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