Patio table build from Weber Silver B grill

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  1. One of the issues I often have is where to put my plates, trays, and gear when smoking or even grilling.  The problem got worse when I added thermometers that take up tray space.

       I saw someone who had built a table out of an old grill so decided to try that, what did I have to lose. I haunted Craigslist looking for a Weber Genesis Silver grill, figured I would be able to get a cover for it.  I found one for $25 and first scavanged the burner tubes, knobs, metal part with the dial markings (will use on my grill) and other parts. I figure I got $50-$75 worth of parts and the metal tray with the burner markings on it I can't even find available.

       I then built the initial table and the wife said it is TOO BIG!  I had to move one of the smokers to the grass to get it to fit.  I tended to agree with her, I didn't need that much room, it was 5 feet long.  I cut down the ends, put the plastic parts back and it is a good size now, also I am building a shelf to hold spices etc while cooking and will add a paper towel holder underneath the shelf.

       It is NOT done yet, I am going to either stain or paint the wood and add molding to the table tops. But it is usable for Memorial Day.

    Also I found a Weber Spirit adjustable cover that fits it like a glove!

    original version

    New Version


  2. brooksy

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    Very nice table! That would definitely be a welcome addition to the cooking arsenal.

  3. Looks nice man  [​IMG]   You'll get a lot of use out of it.
  4. Ok, here it is in time for Memorial Day, only needs some trim on the edges but ready to go


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