Pastrami not coming out Tender?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by magnum3672, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. I've made pastrami from store bought corned beef a couple times and every time it comes out really tough. What am I doing wrong? Or is it simply from the product I'm using?

    My method is as follows. Buy the corned beef (or defrost one from last year) and then cover in mustard and my rub. I smoke low at 200-225 until it reaches an IT of 190-200. No matter how might up I got with the temp it just never reaches toothpick tenderness. Is it from cheap briskets or am I doing something wrong? My last pastrami took about 8 hours and was real small, only a pound or two.
  2. I do what you do, almost, smoke for 4 hours then wrap in foil until 190.
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  3. Yeah thats what I did. It's just no where near as tender as it should be. I leave it alone after I cook it too. Just throw it in the cooler or let it rest. No slicing right away.
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    I have read about steaming, I am making my own corned beef to make pastrami this year and I am about to start doing research on steaming. I keep hearing that term being used these days and I would like just once to make pastrami that I am proud of!
  5. I could add that prior to eating I place the sliced pastrami on a oil splatter screen over a fry pan of water, put the saved juices over the meat and steam.
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    If its a Corned Beef made from Round Cut, if so, you may be overcooking.

    Corned beef from brisket has more collagen and fat that needs to break down, thus benefiting from a higher Internal temp.

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