Pastrami from scratch

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lancerh, Jan 15, 2012.

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    I had a brisket in the freezer so I decided to make a pastrami last week.I have done a couple of pastrami's from store bought corned beef before but this is the first one that I tried from scratch. I trimmed most of the fat off of the brisket. I can't exactly

    remember how much it weighed.


    I made a brine consisting of salt, sugar, garlic, and pickling spices that I made. I let it brine for a week.


    After brining for a week I soaked it in water overnight to remove some of the salt.

    I created a rub of mostly coarse black pepper and corriander, but added garlic powder, oinion powder, mustard seed, and smoked paprika as well.


    Here she is all rubbed up and I put it in the refridgerator overnight.


    I started smoaking in my MES at 225 degrees about 8:30 in the morning.


    About 5:30 the internal temperature hit 165 degrees and then I pulled it to steam.


    Here it is ready to steam. I steamed my last one over water in the oven but this one I decided to steam over boiling water on the stovetop. I steamed for 3 hours and the internal temp was about 190 after the steam bath.[​IMG]


    I let it rest in foil in a cooler for about an hour and then sliced a little off the end to make a reuben. Cheers!


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    You didn't make pastrami if you didn't use cure in it. If you had used cure the meat would be red not brown. You made a seasoned brisket. But it looks very tasty & I'm sure you are enjoying it. The sammie looks absolutely delicious!
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    First ,Lancern. Please go to Roll Call and introduce yourself , and tell us where you are and your equipment type.

    Now, I did a Pastrami a while back using the same basic recipe and added Juniper Berries, had a very good flavor for this old Country Boy. Got a hint of the Cedar back smell in the air in Texas , without the bitterness.

    Yours sound great[​IMG]  . Remember to send Q-view...

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