Pastrami From Corned Beef on the Smokin-It # 3

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dert, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Even though I just finished lunch....I am now drooling after looking at those pictures!!
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    I concur with the soaking. It really does make a difference. I have made pastrami a few times now. I always soak it in changes of water first.

    I have also tried steaming the finished Pastrami a couple of times. It warms it up nicely for a great sandwich without drying it out.
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    Great job! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Looks good !
  5. thejester

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    This shot is gold.  Really get to see the amount of spices used.  Great job.
  6. In the past, I have brined my own corned beef, which is a week long process and since I omit the nitrate, it lacks the reddish hue. This year for St. Patricks day, I bought a 10lb  "Barrel Cured" fresh (not vacum packed) corned beef from Fairway Market,  a "gourmet" supermarket chain which has been expanding in the N.Y./N.J area. Stuff was awsome great flavor, not salty and I believe a great candidate for a corned to pastrami conversion. When I went back the following week, they had sold out. Will have to wait for next year.
  7. In addition to my previous post I have to add that the point end of a packer brisket makes the perfect pastrami. Smaller cut, juicier, stands up to a brine and quick smoke. Traditionally, whether it matters or not, pastrami was made from beef navels, which are brined, spiced, hung in a smoke house then steamed. I figure using the smaller cut point of the brisket would reduce the time it takes to make pastrami.

  8. Looks wonderful!

    Telll us about the electronics in your pictures.
  9. dert

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    Just a dual temp thermocouple and a cheapie thermositor from Target...
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    Awesome job
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    [​IMG]   Very nice! Enjoy!
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    Tbis is true inspiration. Thanks
  13. Wowzers! That looks divine!!
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    What were the portions of your spices for the rub
  15. dert

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    Didn't measure, probably doesn't matter too much as it was smoked so long the volitles really come out of all the spice. So much it actually surprised me as it was a new bottle of tellicherry peppercorns freshly crushed.

    The proportions were probably p/c/gp/op 50/40/5/5... or so.
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  16. I just did a pastrami a few weeks ago. Did some things differently. Soaked the corned beef in about 5 changes of water over a six hour time. Dried it, put a heavy layer of rub on it, in the fridge over night. Smoked the pastrami for 8 hours, wrapped in foil and refrigerated over night. The next day, steamed it until inside temp reached 203 degrees and it was perfect. Moist, bark was still good and flavor was spot on, not salty at all. 
  17. woodcutter

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    Did it pull like pulled pork?
  18. No, sliced really nice as you can see in the third picture. 
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    You inspired me to try one this past week. I didnt soak to get rid of the saltiness. . I will next time. But it tasted wonderful ... thanks for the idea..
  20. dert

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    Pulled a vac pack from the freezer today and made a Sammie....

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