Pastrami, butts, and a packer brisket

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    I didn't get any pictures of it being prepped as my sous chef was out of town with some family and I make quite a mess when I'm left to do things by myself. Anyway, three pork butts totaling 28 lbs, 1 brisket weighing in at 14 lbs, decided to sneak a little 3 lbs corned beef pastrami in therel

    Butts are naked.

    Brisket was injected with concentrated beef stock and rubbed with a combination of John Henry's and my homemade steak rub.

    Pastrami was soaked in water for about 6 hrs (changing it twice) and rubbed down with a loose combination of a rub I put together using Kat's and JJ's recipes.

    Pecan pellets in the AMNTS at 250. We'll see how it goes........

    2 hrs later and taking on some color.........

    4 hrs into it.  Pastrami IT is 150.  Getting some really nice color from the pecan smoke.

    6 hr mark.  Butts are getting put in trays with JJ's foil juice and covered with foil.

    Pastrami foiled but still sitting mid-160s.

    Flat of the brisket reading 153.  When it hits 160, I'll foil up.

    Probably the last picture until it's time to slice and pull.

    Really beautiful color on the butts.

    Pastrami pulled at IT of 196.  It went from 180 to 196 in just a little while!

    7 hrs in.  Brisket flat hit 171........  put in a pan and covered with foil.

    That brisket is in my big turkey roaster.  A little surprised but the whole thing just slid right into my smoker.

    I let the little pastrami rest for about 1 1/2 hrs.  Sliced up and that thing was delicious.  Not dry at all but pretty firm.  Wish I had a slicer as this would make some goooood sandwich meat  sliced really thin with some swiss cheese.

    Pork butts were probably some of the best I've cooked.  I totally screwed up the brisket.  The pan I put it in created a baffle in my cooker and cooked it to death.  I can't believe I didn't see it before hand but that's what I get for trying something I don't do often with family visiting.

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    I'm in. Can't wait to see the finish!

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  3. Looking good - when will it be ready?  Can we all come over?
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    Come on over and bring some friends! 

    Quite a bit of meat but the butts are actually for a wedding we are having for my oldest son.  The brisket is for this weekend as we have some family in town.  And the pastrami is just because I have never done one before.

    We are going to have less than 40 people there so I'm fixing these three butts and will smoke up a few chickens the day of.  That should put me around 1/2 lbs. per person which should be plenty.

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