Pastrami----Another first for me

Discussion in 'Beef' started by daveomak, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Thanks again to all for your recipes.

    I tried a corned beef tip for starters. A little leary of ruining a flat or brisket packer.

    Soaked for 3 hrs because it was only about 1 1/4" thick.

    Dried very well with paper towels. Put the packet of pickeling spices in the spice grinder along with telichery BP and Old Bay seasoning. ( is that copyright infringement  [​IMG])

    I could not understand how whole spices sitting on the surface of the meat would add flavor. (stupid me)

    Rubbed in the ground spices all over the meat really well. Bagged and in the cooler overnight.

    In the AM I was surprised to find there was no liquid in the bag. Must be because there was no salt in the spices. ( is that the real reason? )

    Smoked to 155* I.T. using Mesquite, and wrapped in foil. Kept in the MES to 185* I.T.. Turned off the heat and left it in there. I.T. rose to 197* and then dropped. At 140* put in cooler overnight.

    WOW..... Really spicey and delicious. I had to remove some of the spices for the bride. Too hot for her.

    Next time I will not do a 100% complete single layer of ground spices. Maybe 40-50% layer of ground.

    The flavor of the meat is FAARRR better than any strami I have had. Next time I will use a brisket packer.

    Did not know until yesterday when I read the label, they charge for the brine!!! I refuse to pay $1.49 for brine!!!   Packers will end up costing less. $2.29 here now, sometimes $1.25 and no brine!

    The brides private reserve of strami.


    Now a serious question.

    Using a packer for strami, I am thinking of using a liquid cure/brine 3oz #1/gallon with the spices in it.

    Cure for 10 days or so and throw in the smoker. Do you think the flavor from the spices will be in the meat so the rub step can be eliminated?

    I do not see why I have to make corned beef first when all the steps might be rolled into one?

    Don't be hesitant to say Dave, idiot or Dave, you are a genius or anything in between.
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  2. Great job Dave. I too did my first ones last week. Isn't home-made pastrami a wonderful thing?  I'm sure the pastrami pros will be along shortly to answer your questions.

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  4. smokinal

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    Excellent job Dave! Yes the spices will penetrate the meat. You don't need a rub, but I like just CBP with mustard to hold it on.
  5. tyotrain

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    [​IMG] nice job
  6. fpnmf

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    Looking good Dave!!

      You been rocking your smoker since you joined us with great food, pictures and descriptions!!!

    Where's that "ATTABOY" smiley anyway???

      Have a great day!!!

  7. The first one's always special. Looks delicious. Wait til you make one from scratch.
  8. bearcarver

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    I don't even have to read a single word in your post.

    All I have to do is look at the slices, in the bag, in your picture to see you are obviously the genius you mentioned!

  9. nwdave

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    [​IMG]That's some mighty fine looking pastrami.  I wonder what the condition of Snoqualmie pass is?  ROAD TRIP![​IMG]  I wonder what BarbeQueen's got smoking.
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  10. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great Dave,  You are a Genius...
  11. daveomak

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    And it tastes even better!!!!!!!  
    Thanks Al. I knew an expert would chime in.
    Dave, it's amazing what a little patience and help from this group can do for a guy with nothing but time on his hands.
    Your right Craig about the smoker rockin'. It's sittin outside the back door where all my friends enter (politicians  etc. ring the front door bell) and all I hear is "What's in the smoker today?" when they arrive.

    Scott, I am leary of the next one. Hopin it is as good as this one. I looked this mornin at W-M for a packer and still 2.29. The exp date is 5 days from now. In 2-3 days I think it will be 1.50 or so. It has a lot of fat, that will be saved, but she's in my sights.
    You're just sayin that cause I copy your recipes. Hey, everyone has to have a mentor! Fortunatly I have about 200 (so far) on this site.
    Dave, Thanks. I just read where 12-14 more feet of snow is expected on the North Cross. You and the Queen might take a snow machine trip?

    Paul, The credit goes to everyone here and their tutorials. Without all of you, I would be just another  [​IMG]     [​IMG]     [​IMG]

    Well, thanks all. The packer is in sight. No more buying brine for this guy. I wasn't born yesterday?????
  12. thebarbequeen

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      DaveOmak - You are BRINGIN' it!!!  [​IMG]    I intend to brine my own, but haven't gotten to it yet - so many options to consider.  I've done some strami's, and one of my favorites, I had some horseradish sauce left from xmas (rib roast), mixed it with a little brown mustard and the spice packet from the corned beef, plus other stuff (I put that Old Bay in everything!).  I really liked what the horseradish added, just took a few Tablespoons of it.  I stocked up over St. Pat's so I'm going to be doing some different  pastramis next time, but I'm sticking with the horseradish! 

    I'm a little nervous for the weekend NWDave - breaking out my drybag ribeye for a feast before the kids all head back to school (to CWU and Western). Tried to talk my son into Western so I'd have excuses to drop in, but he's chosen Humboldt State.   My last smoke was restocking my (only) one freezer, with chuckies & pork, plus luvofsmoke's chowder, and salmon.

    We're getting so many great smokers up here in the PNW, we may be able to have a gathering to rival Piney's soon!  [​IMG]


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