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  1. They use naval cut for PASTRAMI and brisket for CORNED BEEF. They smoke the Pastrami for 2 days (!!!) and then throw the corriander and stuff on them after they pull them out. That **** looked good man. HEAVY BARK. They said they go thru an average of 10,000 pounds of meat a week.
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    I was also watching, if I ever get to New York I am going straight to Katz Deli. That pastrami looked unbelievable!
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    Search here for Daigle's smoked meat. Once you've gone here there is no there.
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    just get in your car drive to NYC and walk around and eat at every place that looks old and decrepit. You'll weigh a ton when you're done, but you'll die a happy person, trust me. Theres even a place that serves fried mars bars....
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    Having been to The City alot of time maybe 30-40. My mother's from there. Now as far as Katz if you have ever been there you will go back and back for more. Now it's just another deli in Manhatten but it does have some really good sandwiches and has been there for since 1888 so it must be doing something right. Now you cann't get a better corned beef or pastrami sandwich in the world.
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    We are lucky enough to have a Katz's Deli here in Austin. Marc Katz is an Austin icon. He's a great guy.

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