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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jarjarchef, May 17, 2014.

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    Got a new dog a couple weeks ago. He is a rescue 3x...... My stepson has friend that rescued him and parents freaked out, so my son adopted him and he had to move and one of the roommates has a cat and it did not work, so we were watching him till he figured out what to do. Well after some initial complaints from me he is staying. So I figured I would make him a one of a kind leash. I made one for our Aussie and when looking for a new one to make I found one to buy that I really liked. So after a lot of looking I figured out a close replica.

    I did a 6 strand round braid around a core. I also did a turkshead knot to finish it off. I am happy with my first run at both knots......

    I placed the green as the core and used the excess for the turkshead on each end. 20' was the length. I could have cut it a couple feet shorter, but will not. I like having a good amount to work with.

    For the 6 strands I made 3 ea at 25' and folded them in half and ran them through the eye of the clip. After making the braid 80" I folded over the braid 8" and back braided to secure it.
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    Looks great. Do you make this for sale?
  3. jarjarchef

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    Thank you.

    No I dont really sell them. It is just a hobby I got into to bond with one of my daughters. She has now found boys and I have a bunch of paracord to use up.

    They are not hard to make, just very time consuming. The time part is why I dont try to sell them. I would not know how to price it where both side feel good about the price.

    If you want to make one of your own PM me and I can share some of the info I have.
  4. Nice work!!!
    Looks real cool!

  5. That's a nice custom leash man  [​IMG]
  6. jarjarchef

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    Thank you guys.
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    That is Cool! At 13, my dog only has the energy to go out once a day. The rest of the time she pees the hallway carpet. Making the Mrs.crazy but what can be done?...JJ

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