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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ruggersal, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I just made jeffs rub for some babybacks and realized I was out of paprika, but I used hungarian hot paprika instead. Has anyone ever used this on ribs. I left out the cayenne on this one.
  2. goat

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    You will like it.
  3. kew_el_steve

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    That's what I use anyway, but I've cut the amount of it in the mix by about half. It doesn't really do much for me except provide color.
  4. richtee

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    The Hunky paprika is in all ways superior in flavor to domestic brands, either sweet or hot. And hot is not all that hot. But it is for paprika heh.

    "The Mad Hunky"
  5. flagriller

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    What he said[​IMG]
  6. hawgheaven

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    Oh yeah, I love the Hungarian hot variety... by all means, use it! [​IMG]
  7. glued2it

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    hungarian paprika is said to be the finest!
  8. thanks for the replies guys, I did use it and they came out good. It was my first time using jeffs recipe, but boy it was pretty spicy. I will use it again but probably cut it in half. My second batch of ribs on my ECB, and more tender than the last. I used 2-2-1 one for the baby backs. My smalller racks were done by the 2-2.
  9. richtee

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    I'm giving ya points based on the good paprika! Hey, they mine to dole out as I see fit, right? :{)
  10. thanks richtree, my first point. I am looking to try either a turkey or pulled pork next
  11. richoso1

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    Hungarian is the best, seconded by Spanish. Both will outdo the red and white can stuff by a mile. These two offer the regular coloring, but with much moer flavor. You made a good choice!
  12. mavadakin

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    ..have Done Bbacks With Jeffs Rub..the Good ..nice Crispy Finish.not Overwelming Hot..the Baddies.not Enough Flavor Of The Other Ingredients..yes Overwhelmed With Paprika..personaly I Think Jeff Came Up With This Recipe..liked It And Used It To Help Pay For The Cost Of This Site....cant Blame Him..its Not A Bad Rub..this Site Has So Many Good Cooks..your Bound To Find What Ya Need To Know.the Best Advice I Can Give Anybody Cook Your Food As You Like..use The Things You Get Replies For But Dont Go Out On A Limb..stay In Your Realm Of Knowlage..never Try To Be A Top Chef..or The Magnisfo.master..stay At Home Within Your Boundries..learn Changes..slowly..spices Are A Majior Change.ya Got To Know Them...mike
  13. shellbellc

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    I use hungarian smoked have to try that sometime! It's great! Yesterday my husband smoked some of our last peppers, including some of my paprika peppers, well of the different varieties he smoked, the paprikas almost burned and made them useless for grinding...[​IMG]
  14. Where do you find smoked paprika? I've looked everywhere I buy groceries and have never seen it... [​IMG]
  15. richoso1

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  16. Thanks for the source! Rep point for ya... [​IMG]
  17. richoso1

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    Anytime my friend. Once you try it, you'll use it more often than not. Good Luck, and let us know how the taste test came out!
  18. Gonna order some to try in my next rub mix and in the finishing sauce recipe in the sticky! I'll definitely post up after I try it. I love cooking and such as this!!!
  19. deejaydebi

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    I've been using this stuff for a few years now and really love the taste. It's not hot (I don't think) but it tastes great! I get it in half gallon containers and I'm always running out!

  20. walking dude

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    before ordering......check your phonebook for a spice would be surprised......thats where i get mine......Pezies.......i think its spelled


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