Painting old grill???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by moses, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. moses

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    The inside of my Gas grill is starting to rust. Can I use high heat spray paint and paint the inside of it??
  2. danbury

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    I would never paint the inside of a grill.  What kind of grill is it?  Most of the time if you cook on them regularly, they get a nice coating from the smoke and normal cooking.  If you have to do anything, maybe give it a light coating of some kind of cooking oil, peanut would be good.
  3. Hello.  Use steel wool and rub down the affected areas.  You Must then get all the steel wool "shavings" out of the smoker!  Use a hand held vacuum, turn it over and dump it out, whatever,  Steel wool shavings will rust over night which will add to your problems.  Next bring your smoker up to temp of about 300/350 or so and then shut it down,  When the smoker is JUST cool enough to lay your hands on it and keep them there, rub the areas down with paper towels soaked with cooking/veg/peanut oil.  When the metal is warm it "absorbs" the oil better.  You may see that the oil seems to disappear.  If so then wipe it down again with oil and repeat as necessary.  If the smoker becomes cool to the touch then warm it back up.  That should take care of the problem.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!


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