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  1. Hey Folks,

    I am in need of some help to find some High Heat Resistant Black Paint. Hopefully some Flat Black Paint it is easier to hide some blemishes with it. Hopefully in Canada. Better yet in Nova Scotia. Tremclad and Rustoleom only has their largest sizes up to quart cans. I am figuring it would be much cheaper to either buy by the gallons or a five gallon bucket. I have seen some gallons of paint in the USA but by the time the shipping by UPS gets added, the shipping is as much as the cost of the gallon of paint and then there will most likely be other charges on top of that. So that is a bust. Any other ideas folks. What about the automotive industry do they have anything in the high heat resistant paints in the body shops? 


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    Possibly a fireplace/woodstove place too.
  3. Found where I can get the paint I need.

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