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  1. What better way to really break in a new smoker than with a 15.4lb packer?  I'm not used to photographing my cooking as I go so I missed the opportunity to take some pre-unwrapping and pre-rub pics.  I was aiming for a 12lb or so brisket but this was the smallest my butcher had available so I guess we will have plenty of leftovers. :D After some fat trimming it ended up at about 14.2lbs so it's close enough.  We'll also be having some smoked mac-n-cheese from the Dadgum recipe book which we love.

    The brisket went in fat cap down at about 10:30 @240* - figuring around a 20hr cook time with 2hrs rest in a cooler.  I'm using Jeffs naked rub again (LOVE this stuff) and will not be foiling during the cook to keep a crisp bark. Pecan wood pellets in the AMNPS and a Maverick 733 for temp monitoring.

    I did get one pic after applying the rub and about an hour after going into the smoker.  Gonna be a long smoke so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow evening for the all important money shot ;)

    Nice layer of Jeffs naked rub - yum! The grate can barely handle this big hunk of meat.

    No description needed here :)

    Stay tuned!
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    Looks good.  I need a couple slices of that for my breakfast.  

    Soooo wrong to look at this at 5 in the morning [​IMG]
  3. Ugh - I really hate brisket sometimes. This sucker was done at 10:30 this morning - 12hr cook time. I quickly wrapped in foil and put it into a cooler stuff with towels. We weren't planning on eating until 8 or 9 tonight......

    Guess it'll be an early dinner.
  4. We ended up having dinner around 7 and everything was perfect.  The brisket was moist, tender and had excellent flavor. I'm sure the next one will take twice as long and we'll be eating at 3am lol

    Begging to be sliced...

    Wish granted...

    I really need to be quicker with the camera....This stuff doesn't last long around here

    Pure heaven....


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