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Discussion in 'Drying/Dehydrating' started by bigwheel, Mar 15, 2014.

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    As some prob have already gathered I am strivng to make a few bucks on jerky. The issue has arisen that It needs to be vacuum packed as in a food saver type contraption. I been just peddling it in sandwich bags. Anybody got any clues on the cheapest and hopefully the most effective way to get this done? I know the bags are higher than a kite and think most bag material looks like overkill for jerky. I am currently only selling in 3 oz increments and think the smallest bags I saw were pint sized. Any input appreciated including but not limited to what and where a person might buy an apparatus to accomplish the task would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Hope this aint in the wrong section.
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    Look at vacuum sealers unlimited. The vac master packers are great. The bags are great also. I buy rolls so I can make whatever size I need. Think safety here. One food poisoning lawsuit makes the price of the equipment and bags look cheap.
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    Hey thanks dirtsailor. I in fact stumbled over a link to that place while trying go get some info in the gadget section. I dont like the price of those fancy chamber models. I sorta like the looks of these zipper bags which they claim can be vac'ed with a regular old cheap Twila. According to the site they are pint size and measure 6x10. I'm thinking of trying that route. Only way I can figure is boost the bag weight to six ounces from the current 3 oz size and double the price. Also my kin run onto some store bought Amish jerky and he said they had dessicant packs in there. Sounds like a good plan to me. That stuff dont seem to need much excuse to start percipitating in the guess I best try to find some of those. I had thought in the past of sticking a paper towel down in there with it but thought that might be a bit low Believe it say 78 bucks for a thousand on the bags. Might could live with that.
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